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Seasoning Cubes

Chicken , beef, shrimp, onion ,tomato, fish, curry, vegetable, and so on any flavor is available
10g/cube,60 cubes/box,24box/carton,1800ctns/20’fcl
10g/cube,48 cubes/box,30box/carton,1800ctns/20’fcl
10g/cube,15 cubes/sachet,80sachets/carton,2000ctns/20’fcl
4g/cube, 25 cubes/sachet,80 sachets/carton,2500ctns/20’fcl
4g/cube, 50 cubes/sachet,40 sachets/carton,2500ctns/20’fcl

Seasoning cubes, a compound flavoring with the flavor and aroma of chicken, beef, goat , with or without spices and/or spices, made from powder of MSG, edible salt, chicken, beef, goat, vegetable or its concentrated extract, flavoring nucleotide disodium and other auxiliary materials. It is a homely condiment that can increase people's appetite and provide some nutrition.



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