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Soy Sauce Powder (SD)

TYPE: AN content: 0.5% ~5.0%
SIZE: 100-120mesh
Color: Brown
Foreign Materials: None
Taste: Delicious
Moisture: Max. 6.0%
Sulfite: Not added
Standard plate count: Max.5x105 pcs/g
Coliforms: Max. 1x103 pcs/g
E-Coli: Negative
Salmonella: None / 25gram

Soy sauce powder, also known as powder soy sauce, is a kind of solid soy sauce made of fresh soy sauce as the basic raw material, supplemented by other auxiliary materials, and made use of the multiplication effect of raw materials' flavor by blending, toning, freshening and spray drying. It retains the fermented flavor of common fermented soy sauce to the greatest extent, and overcomes the burnt and oxidized flavor of common fermented soy sauce. It has good rehydration performance, attractive color and strong flavor, remarkable seasoning effect, and is convenient for preservation and transportation. Widely used in all aspects of flavoring food



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