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White pepper

SIZE: Whole seeds
Color: White
Foreign Materials: None
Taste: Spicy
Moisture: Max. 6.0%
Sulfite: Not added
Standard plate count: Max.5x10^5 pcs/g
Coliforms: Max. 1x10^3 pcs/g
E-Coli: Negative
Salmonella: None / 25gram

White pepper is made of dried pepper seeds with skins and flesh removed. There are three processes: first soak. Put the ripe fruit in a bamboo basket or a gunny bag and soak in running water for 7-10 days until the pulp rots. Next, wash. Put the soaked fruit into a big barrel, bamboo basket or pool to trample, then rinse with water, remove the skin, pulp, fruit stalks and other residues, until washed. Then dry. Place the cleaned pepper seeds in a basking or drying mat and let them dry for 3-5 days until they are fully dried. After air selection can be bagged into a commercial white pepper.



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