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Roasted garlic

TYPE: Flakes, Minced, Granules, Powder
SIZE: 8/16/26/40/80mesh
Color: Brown
Aroma: Characteristic of garlic
Foreign Materials: None
Taste: Pungent
Moisture: Max. 6.0%
Sulfite: Not added
Standard plate count: Max.5x10^5 pcs/g
Coliforms: Max. 1x10^3 pcs/g
E-Coli: Negative
Salmonella: None / 25gram

Fresh garlic is sorted, washed, trimmed, bleached , dried and roasted ,various cleaning, sorting, and food safety steps are then performed before cutting or grind into the desired cutting size, followed by sterilization with a sterilizing instrument. It's natural food


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